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Digging Up The Past offers readers and listeners a place to get the latest archaeological news and historical/mythological theories as it relates to the ancient Mediterranean and Near East. We will cover topics ranging from the rise of the Sumerians to the Fall of Rome (and everything in between).

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So, let us go on a journey to rediscover our past…

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Greg P. writes:

The Digging up the Past podcast series is that special place where passion and ability intersects. Compelling episodes covering an array of topics in Ancient history, Petros’s expertise in ancient culture, languages, myth and history is both broad and deep. The episodes are beautifully developed, setting the stage with all of the characters and drama. Every now and then, I catch myself looking over my shoulder in case the Sea Peoples are raiding. All kidding aside, the podcast series is beautifully woven together, building upon itself and posits many original theories, with an explanation of the strength or evidence. I find myself going back through older episodes quite often and taking side quests on some of the characters or ancient cities mentioned. I could listen to Petros banter with special guests or recount a legend like the Epic of Gilgamesh every day, especially when he does the voices. Couldn’t recommend a better podcast series for history buffs who are not just looking for a paraphrase, but are looking for deeper analysis and context within the Ancient world. Keep them coming Petros.

Carlie F.

I have learned so much from Digging Up The Past and so have my children! As a family, we look forward to listening to the podcast and learning about interesting archaeological news and stories. I learn new things each week and the kids love it so much that they take archaeological “fun facts”, as they call them, back to school to share with their peers.

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The latest historical news and research surrounding the ancient eastern Mediterranean and Near East.


A historical researcher and author focusing on eastern Mediterranean Late Bronze and Early Iron Age periods.